How Do You Beat Vexen Absent Silhouette?

Vexen Absent Silhouette is a powerful enemy in the Kingdom Hearts series. His attacks are very powerful and can be difficult to avoid.

He also has a number of defensive abilities which make him even harder to defeat. However, there are some strategies you can use to beat Vexen Absent Silhouette.

Attack Patterns

The most important part of defeating Vexen is understanding his attack patterns. He will usually start by using his ice-based attacks, which can be blocked by defending or countering with a physical attack.

He may also use area-of-effect spells such as Blizzaga, so keep your distance and try to stay out of range of these attacks. Additionally, he will occasionally summon ice clones which can distract you from attacking him directly.

Blocking and Countering

Vexen’s powerful attacks can be blocked or countered with physical attacks such as sword slashes. His magical attacks can be blocked by equipping certain items such as the Frozen Pride Keyblade or the Blizzard Shield. Additionally, certain magical abilities like Reflect Magic and Dispel Magic are effective at nullifying some of his magic-based attacks.


Vexen’s weak point is his head, which is protected by an armor plating that must be destroyed before you can hit it with physical attacks. You can do this by staggering him with magic or using physical combos that break through his defenses. Additionally, limit breaks such as Trinity Limit and Ars Arcanum are useful for dealing large amounts of damage quickly.

In conclusion, Vexen Absent Silhouette is a formidable foe in the Kingdom Hearts series. However, understanding his attack patterns and using blocking/countering techniques combined with staggering/limit breaking strategies will help you defeat him easily.