How Do You Attach Silhouette Clips to Sunglasses?

When it comes to proper eye protection from the sun, sunglasses can be a great option. Not only do they provide protection from UV rays, but they also can make a fashion statement. One great way to customize your sunglasses is to add clips to them so you can attach various items, such as charms or beads. Adding clips to sunglasses is a relatively easy task and requires few materials.

Step 1: Choose Your Clips. You can find a variety of different clips that come in different sizes and shapes. Before you begin the attachment process, you’ll want to choose the right clip for your project.

Step 2: Gather Your Materials.

In order to attach the clips, you’ll need some basic supplies such as small pliers, a pair of scissors and some craft glue or E6000 glue. You may also want to use super glue if necessary.

Step 3: Mark Your Spot. Before attaching the clip, mark the spot where you’ll be placing it on your sunglass frame with a pen or marker.

Step 4: Glue The Clip On. Once you have marked the spot for your clip, use craft glue or E600 glue and apply it around the edges of your clip. Then press down on your clip firmly until it sticks.

Step 5: Secure The Clip In Place. Once you have applied the glue and pressed down firmly on the clip, use small pliers to secure it in place while it dries.

Once everything has dried completely, you should now have clips attached securely onto your sunglasses! You can now add any charms or beads that you’d like so that your sunglasses are customized just how you want them.

Attaching Silhouette clips to sunglasses is an easy task that requires few materials and just a few simple steps. With just some craft glue and small pliers, anyone can quickly customize their sunglasses with unique charms and beads of their choice!