How Do I Use Silhouette Printable Foil?

Silhouette Printable Foil is a unique and versatile craft material that allows you to create beautiful, eye-catching designs. With Silhouette Printable Foil, you can easily customize cards, scrapbook pages, and other paper crafts. The foil is specially designed to be compatible with your Silhouette Cameo or Portrait cutting machine, so you can quickly and easily add metallic accents to your projects.

Using Silhouette Printable Foil is simple. First, make sure the printable foil sheets are loaded into your machine properly.

Place the sheet of foil onto the cutting mat with the printed side facing down. Securely place the mat into your machine and select “Print & Cut” from your software options.

Once you have chosen the design you would like to use for your project, click “Send” in your software program. Your Silhouette cutting machine will now print out the design onto the foil sheet and then cut it out for you. The result is a precise metallic design that can be used for cards, scrapbooks, gift tags or any other paper crafts.

Alternatively, if you do not have a Silhouette cutting machine, you can still use Printable Foil sheets to create beautiful metallic designs. Simply print out a desired design onto an ordinary printer paper and then place it on top of a sheet of Silhouette Printable Foil. Securely tape both pieces together before using a craft knife to cut out the design.


Using Silhouette Printable Foil is a great way to add sparkling accents to any paper crafting project. Whether you own a Silhouette cutting machine or not, anyone can use this unique product to create beautiful metallic designs that will surely impress!