How Do I Update Design Home?

Design Home is an interior design game app for iOS and Android devices. It allows players to create stunning virtual rooms in the style of their choice.

The app has a wide selection of furniture, fabrics, textures, and other decor items to choose from. Players can also collaborate with other players online by sharing their designs and offering feedback.

The Design Home app is constantly being updated with new content and features. The developers regularly release updates that add new furniture items, textures, fabrics, wallpapers, and other design elements.

They also add new challenges to the game such as designing a room in a certain style or within a certain budget. This helps keep the game fresh and exciting for players.

How Do I Update Design Home?

Updating Design Home is easy and straightforward. On iOS devices, you can update the app through the App Store by going to “Updates” in the App Store tab.

On Android devices, you can update the app through Google Play by going to “My Apps & Games” in the Google Play Store tab. If any updates are available for Design Home, you will be able to install them from here.


Updating Design Home is easy to do on both iOS and Android devices. All you need to do is go to your device’s App Store or Google Play store and check for any updates available for Design Home. Once you find them, you can simply install them onto your device so that you can enjoy all of the latest content and features that have been added.