How Do I Turn a Picture Into a Puzzle on Cricut?

Cricut is a powerful crafting tool that can help you turn your pictures into puzzles with ease. With the right material and settings, you can create a personalized puzzle that’s sure to impress your friends and family.

Step 1: Gather Your Materials
Before you get started, it’s important to gather all the materials you need for crafting your puzzle. You’ll need a Cricut machine, Cricut mat, cardstock or other heavy paper, scissors or craft knife, and adhesive. You may also want to consider using a variety of colors or patterns to make your puzzle more interesting.

Step 2: Upload Your Image
Once you have all of your materials together, it’s time to upload your image into Cricut Design Space. When uploading an image into Cricut Design Space, it is important to note that the higher the resolution of the image, the better quality of puzzle it will be. Once uploaded to Design Space, it is then time to customize the project by adding text or additional images if desired.

Step 3: Cut Out The Pieces
Once your design has been finalized on Design Space, it is time to cut out all of the pieces for your puzzle. To do this, place cardstock onto the Cricut Mat and load it into the machine.

Then select “Puzzle” as the project type on Design Space and adjust any settings necessary for cutting out a successful puzzle. Finally hit “Go!” and let Cricut do its work!

Step 4: Assemble The Puzzle
Once all of your pieces have been cut out by Cricut it is time to assemble them into a full-sized puzzle! To do this simply adhere each piece together using an adhesive such as glue or tape. Once all pieces are in place then you have officially created a personalized picture puzzle with Cricut!

With just four simple steps and some basic materials anyone can create their own custom-made picture puzzles with their Cricut machine! This simple tutorial provides an easy way for anyone looking to make their own puzzles quickly and easily.