How Do I Start a Graphic Design Blog?

Having your own blog is an excellent way to showcase your graphic design skills and share your portfolio with the world. A blog can also be used to inform people about the latest trends in graphic design, and even provide tutorials for those who want to get into the field. But how do you get started?

The most important thing when starting a graphic design blog is choosing a platform. There are many free and paid options available, such as WordPress, Squarespace, and Wix. Each platform has its own advantages and disadvantages, so it’s important to do some research before deciding which one is best for you.

Once you’ve chosen a platform, the next step is to create content for your blog. Try to focus on topics that will be of interest to potential clients or employers.

This could include tips on how to use specific software tools, advice on how to create professional-looking designs, or reviews of popular design trends. You could also write about industry news or share links to inspiring projects that have caught your eye.

When creating content for your blog, it’s important to keep things fresh and interesting by regularly updating it with new posts. You should also make sure that each post is well-written and includes high-quality images or videos whenever possible. And don’t forget to promote your blog through social media channels like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram – this will help draw more readers to your site.

Finally, once you’ve built up a following of readers it can be beneficial to monetize your blog by selling digital goods or services related to graphic design. This could include offering tutorials or ebooks on specific topics or offering one-on-one consultations with clients who need help with their projects.


Starting a graphic design blog can be an excellent way for designers to showcase their work and provide valuable information about the industry. All it takes is choosing a platform, creating content that appeals to readers, promoting the blog through social media channels, and monetizing it through digital goods or services.