How Do I Setup My Cricut Maker for the First Time?

Setting up your Cricut Maker for the first time is a breeze. With just a few steps, you can be crafting in no time!

Unbox and Assemble Your Cricut Maker. The first step is to unbox and assemble your Cricut Maker. This includes attaching the cutting mat to the machine, plugging in the power cord, and connecting the machine to your computer via USB cable. Make sure all of these components are securely attached before moving on to the next step.

Download and Install Design Space Software. Once everything is connected properly, you will need to download and install the Design Space software. This software gives you access to all of Cricut’s designs and images, as well as a library of fonts and shapes. To download this software, simply go to and follow the instructions on the screen.

Register Your Machine. Once Design Space is installed, you will need to register your Cricut Maker with Cricut.

Registration allows you access to tutorials, tips, promotions, and more. You can register your machine online at or through the Design Space app.

Load Your Material Into The Machine. Now that everything is set up it’s time to start crafting! Begin by loading your material into the machine by following these steps:

  • Place your material onto a cutting mat
  • Load the mat into your Cricut Maker
  • Select “Cut” from within Design Space
  • Choose which material type you are cutting

Start Crafting!

You’re now ready to start crafting with your new Cricut Maker! With just a few easy steps, you’ll be able to unleash your creativity with ease. Start by exploring all of the amazing designs available in Design Space or create your own custom projects using fonts and shapes from within the app. Have fun creating unique projects that showcase your creativity!

In conclusion, setting up a Cricut Maker for the first time is easy as pie – just unbox and assemble it, download and install Design Space software, register it with Cricut online or through their app, load your material into it, then get creative!