How Do I Read My Hermes Stamp Code?

If you are a fan of luxury fashion, you would be familiar with the French high fashion brand, Hermes. Their products are known for their exquisite craftsmanship and quality materials.

One of the unique features of Hermes products is that they come with a stamp code that indicates the year of manufacture and other important details. In this article, we will guide you on how to read your Hermes stamp code.

What is a Hermes stamp code?

Hermes products have a small stamp on them that contains several letters and numbers. This stamp is usually located on the bottom right corner of the product or inside a pocket or zipper compartment. The stamp code contains important information about the product, such as the year it was made and where it was produced.

How to read your Hermes stamp code?

The Hermes stamp code consists of two letters followed by a series of numbers. The first letter represents the year the product was made, while the second letter represents the location where it was produced.

The first letter

The first letter in your Hermes stamp code represents the production year of your product. Each letter corresponds to a specific year, starting from 1945 to present day. Here’s a list of some common letters and their corresponding years:

  • A – 1945
  • B – 1946
  • C – 1947
  • D – 1948
  • E – 1949
  • F – 1950
  • G – 1951


The letters I, O, Q, U, V are not used in Hermes stamp codes.

The second letter

The second letter in your Hermes stamp code represents the location where your product was produced. Here are the most common letters and their corresponding locations:

  • A – Paris, France
  • B – Fontainebleau, France
  • C – La Montre Hermès, Switzerland
  • D – Germany
  • E – Spain
  • F – Italy
  • G – United Kingdom

The numbers

The series of numbers that follow the two letters in your Hermes stamp code represent the production batch number. This number indicates the order in which the product was made within a particular year and location.

Example: If your Hermes stamp code reads “G” and “0024”, it means that your product was made in the United Kingdom in the year 2003 (since “G” corresponds to 2003) and it was part of the 24th batch produced in that location that year.


Knowing how to read your Hermes stamp code is not only informative but also adds value to your luxury fashion collection. By following the guide above, you can easily decipher important information about your Hermes product. So, the next time you come across a Hermes stamp code, you will know exactly what it means!