How Do I Make Stamps in Silhouette Mint?

Creating stamps with Silhouette Mint is an easy way to add a personalized touch to stationery, gift tags, and other craft projects. The Mint is a home die-cut machine that uses small, pre-inked stamps rather than traditional paper die-cuts.

With the Mint, you can make custom designs in any shape or size you want using your own artwork or the included design software. Here’s how to get started:

Step 1: Gather Supplies. You will need a Silhouette Mint machine, Stamp Material (available in different sizes and shapes) and a cutting mat. The cutting mat is important because it ensures that the stamp material will stick to the surface as you cut. Additionally, you’ll need an image or text that you want to turn into a stamp.

Step 2: Create Your Design. You can create your design using the included Silhouette software or your own design program such as Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop. When creating your design, make sure that it is sized appropriately for the stamp material that you are using. For example, if you are using a 3×3 inch stamp material then make sure your design fits within those dimensions.

Step 3: Cut Out Your Design. Once your design is ready, load it into the Mint machine. Place the stamp material onto the cutting mat and load it into the machine as well.

Select “Stamp” from the list of options on the LCD screen and adjust any settings if necessary (e.g., blade depth). When you’re ready, press “Start” to begin cutting out your design.

Step 4: Apply Ink To Stamp Material. Once your design has been cut out of the stamp material, apply ink to it using an ink pad or marker. Be sure to cover all areas of the design so that when you press it onto paper there will be no gaps in coverage.

Step 5: Press Stamp Onto Paper.Once all areas of your design have been inked up properly, press it firmly onto paper or another surface and wait for it to dry before removing. Now you have a custom personalized stamp!


Creating stamps with Silhouette Mint is fast and easy way to add a personalized touch to stationery and other craft projects. With just a few simple steps – gathering supplies, creating a design, cutting out your design, applying ink – you can create custom stamps in any shape or size imaginable!