How Do I Make Photo Ornaments With Cricut?

Making personalized photo ornaments with a Cricut machine is a fun and creative way to commemorate your favorite memories. Whether it’s a family vacation, a special event, or just an everyday moment, you can capture the moment in an ornament that will last for years.

The process of creating photo ornaments with your Cricut machine is actually quite simple. First, you’ll need to choose the photo you want to use.

If you have digital photos saved on your computer, you can upload them into the Cricut Design Space. You can also use photos printed on paper or cardstock.

Once you have your photo uploaded into the Design Space, you can use the various editing tools to crop and resize it as desired. Once you’ve finalized your design, it’s time to start preparing your materials for cutting.

For this project, you’ll need some paper or cardstock for printing the image onto and some vinyl (or other material) for cutting out the design. Place your paper onto one of the cutting mats and load it into your Cricut machine. Then select “Print then Cut” from the menu options in Design Space.

Now it’s time to begin cutting out your design! Select “Cut” from the menu options and follow any additional instructions that appear onscreen. Once complete, carefully remove each piece from the cutting mat and peel off any excess vinyl or card stock.


Step 1:

Position two pieces of cardstock together (with images facing outwards). Secure them in place by taping around all four edges so they don’t move around while working on them.

Step 2:
Cut a length of string or ribbon that is long enough to hang around the edges of both pieces of cardstock.

Step 3:
Tie a knot at each corner to secure the string/ribbon in place.
Step 4:
Trim away any excess string/ribbon.
Step 5:
Glue any additional embellishments such as beads or sequins onto your ornament.
Step 6:
Hang up your ornament where everyone can admire it!

Making custom photo ornaments with a Cricut machine is quick and easy with just a few supplies and steps! With just a bit of creativity, you can create beautiful personalized keepsakes for yourself and loved ones that will last many holidays to come.


Making photo ornaments with a Cricut machine is an easy process that requires only minimal supplies and steps but yields amazing results! With just some creativity and patience, anyone can make beautiful personalized keepsakes that are sure to be cherished for years.