How Do I Make Fabric Labels With Cricut?

Making fabric labels with a Cricut is a great way to quickly and easily create custom labels for garments and other items. With the right materials and a few simple steps, you can create professional-looking labels that will last for years.

To get started, you’ll need to gather the materials: fabric, adhesive backing, transfer tape, and your Cricut machine. The type of fabric you use will depend on the item you are labeling.

For example, if you are labeling clothing or bags, choose a cotton or polyester blend that won’t shrink when washed.

Once you have your materials ready, it’s time to prepare your design in Cricut Design Space. You can either start from scratch by using the drawing tools in Design Space or use one of the many templates available.

Once your design is complete, select “Mirror” from the options menu to ensure that it prints correctly on the fabric.

Next, place your fabric onto your Cricut cutting mat and load it into the machine. Make sure that the cut settings are correct for cutting through fabric – this will depend on what type of material you are using – and then press “Go” to begin cutting.

Now for the fun part:

Once your design has been cut out of the fabric, carefully remove any excess pieces and discard them. Then place your design onto an adhesive backing sheet and press down firmly with a scraper tool or your finger to make sure it adheres completely.

Finally, peel off the transfer tape and place it onto your label with the sticky side facing down. Use a scraper tool or finger to firmly press down on all edges of the label until it is completely adhered.

And there you have it! Your custom fabric label is now ready for use – just attach it to whatever item you would like labeled and enjoy!


Making fabric labels with a Cricut is an easy way to personalize items with a professional-looking label.

All that’s needed is some basic supplies and knowledge of how to operate Design Space software. With just a few simple steps, anyone can create beautiful custom labels that will last for years.