How Do I Learn to Design 3D Prints?

Designing 3D prints is a great way to enter the world of 3D printing and create unique, customized objects. It is important to understand the basics of 3D printing before attempting any design, as it can be difficult to create a printable object without prior knowledge. There are several ways to learn how to design 3D prints, and with some practice, anyone can become an expert at designing 3D prints.

Start With CAD Software
The first step in designing 3D prints is learning how to use a computer-aided design (CAD) software program. CAD software allows users to create three-dimensional models by manipulating basic shapes and lines.

A variety of free CAD programs are available online, such as Autodesk Fusion 360 and TinkerCAD. It is important to take time and learn the features of the software before attempting any design projects.

Find Tutorials
Once you have mastered the basics of your CAD software, there are a variety of tutorials available that can help you learn more advanced techniques for designing a 3D print. Tutorials are often available on websites dedicated to 3D printing or from the manufacturer’s website for your particular printer. Additionally, there are many YouTube videos that can provide step-by-step instructions for creating detailed designs.

Use Existing Designs
If you don’t want to start from scratch with your own design, there are plenty of existing designs online that you can use as inspiration or even modify for your own project. There are several websites dedicated to sharing open source designs, such as Thingiverse and MyMiniFactory. Additionally, many printer manufacturers offer ready-to-print models on their websites.

Practice & Experiment
Finally, it is important to practice designing objects and experimenting with different techniques in order to become comfortable with the process. It may take some time before you feel confident in creating complex designs but with enough practice anyone can master the art of designing 3D prints.


Designing 3D prints requires knowledge of CAD software programs as well as various tutorials and existing designs. With enough practice and experimentation, anyone can gain confidence in designing their own unique objects for 3D printing.