How Do I Install a Hunter Douglas Silhouette?

Installing a Hunter Douglas Silhouette is a quick and easy process that will have your window treatments up in no time. With its signature S-shaped vanes that seem to float between two sheers, the Silhouette brings a touch of luxury and style to any room. Below are the steps for installing this popular window treatment:

Step 1: Begin by measuring the inside width of the window frame. Measure from inside edge of the frame to inside edge of the other side. Make sure to record this measurement, as it will be used when purchasing your Silhouette window covering.

Step 2: Next, determine which mounting option you would like to use – either an inside or outside mount. An inside mount places the Silhouette within the frame while an outside mount hangs it on top of or outside the frame.

Step 3: The next step is to install your mounting hardware. If you have chosen an inside mount, you will need brackets and screws to hold them in place. If you have chosen an outside mount, you will need mounting clips and screws for attaching them to your wall or trim around your window opening.

Step 4: Now it’s time for installation! Begin by unrolling your Silhouette onto a flat surface such as a table or floor and make sure that all edges are even and straightened out.

Then attach each end of your Silhouette shades onto their respective mounting brackets or mounting clips using screws and/or pins provided with your product. Make sure they are securely fastened in order to prevent any sagging over time.

Step 5: Finally, adjust your vanes according to desired light control levels by pulling cords on both ends of each vane until they click into place at different angles or levels of openness. You can also tilt them open or closed for more precise light control if necessary.

Installing a Hunter Douglas Silhouette is a simple process that requires minimal effort and time in order to enjoy this beautiful window treatment in any room in your home! With its unique design, it adds elegance and sophistication while providing privacy, light control, insulation, noise reduction and UV protection all at once!

In conclusion, installing Hunter Douglas’s Silhouettes is relatively easy with just five steps needed – measuring the width of the window frame, choosing between an inside or outside mount option, installing mounting hardware depending on which mount is chosen, attaching each end of shade onto their respective brackets/clips securely with screws/pins provided with product and finally adjusting vanes according to desired light control levels by pulling cords on both ends until they click into place at different angles/levels of openness (or tilt them open/closed for more precise light control). With these steps followed correctly, one can easily enjoy this timeless window treatment in their own home!