How Do I Get Pua Encoded Fonts in Silhouette Studio?

Having the ability to use PUA encoded fonts with Silhouette Studio is a great way to add unique and individualized lettering designs to your projects. But how do you get the PUA encoded fonts onto your computer so that you can use them with Silhouette Studio? Fortunately, it’s not too difficult once you know what steps to take.

Step 1: Find the Fonts

The first step is to find the font files that are PUA encoded. You can find a variety of free and paid fonts online that are PUA encoded, but be sure to check the license for each font before downloading it. Once you have found a font you like, download it and save it somewhere on your computer where you can easily access it.

Step 2: Unzip the Font File

Once you have downloaded a PUA encoded font file, unzip it so that all of its components are accessible. The file should include at least one .ttf or .otf file, which stands for TrueType Font or OpenType Font respectively. These are the files that will be used in Silhouette Studio.

Step 3: Install the Font Files

Now that all of the components of the font file have been unzipped, double click on each .otf file to install them on your computer. This will make them available for use in any program on your computer, including Silhouette Studio.

Step 4: Import into Silhouette Studio

To import a PUA encoded font into Silhouette Studio, open up Silhouette Studio and go to File > Import > Import to Library. Then select each .otf file from where they were saved on your computer and click “Open”. This will add the font files to your library in Silhouette Studio and make them available for use in any project you create.


Getting PUA encoded fonts into Silhouette Studio is relatively easy once you know which steps to take. First find some fonts online that are PUA encoded and then download them onto your computer. Unzip the files so they are accessible then double click on each one to install them onto your computer before finally importing them into Silhouette Studio library where they will be available for use in any project!