How Do I Get Into Industrial Design School?

Industrial design is a discipline that focuses on the aesthetic and functional aspects of products, from furniture to electronics and medical devices. It is a highly creative field, requiring a combination of artistry, technical knowledge, and problem-solving skills. A career in industrial design can open up many opportunities in product development and design firms, as well as in manufacturing.

Getting into an industrial design school can be a challenging process. Aspiring industrial designers must demonstrate their creative talent and their understanding of the technical aspects of their chosen field. Many schools require applicants to submit portfolios that showcase their best work to demonstrate these skills.

Admission requirements for industrial design schools vary depending on the program. Generally speaking, students must have a high school diploma or GED equivalent, along with SAT or ACT scores and letters of recommendation. Some schools may also require an interview with faculty or an essay about why you want to pursue a career in industrial design.

In addition to meeting admissions requirements, students should consider what type of program they are looking for when researching industrial design schools. Many programs offer courses in digital fabrication, product development and prototyping, as well as classes in sketching and drawing techniques. It is important to choose a program that offers the right balance between theory and practical applications.

It’s also important to consider other factors such as cost and location when selecting an industrial design school.

The cost of tuition can vary significantly from one school to another so it’s important for prospective students to research different programs in order to find one that fits within their budget. Location is also an important factor since some schools may be more accessible than others due to geographic distance or public transportation options.

Overall, getting into an industrial design school requires careful planning and research.

Prospective students should ensure they meet all admissions requirements and select a program that offers courses related to their desired field. Additionally, they should research different schools based on cost and location before making any decisions about which program is right for them.


Finding the right industrial design school takes time and effort but it is worth it if you want to pursue a successful career in this rewarding field. By researching your options carefully ahead of time and meeting all admission requirements you will be well on your way towards achieving your goals.