How Do I Find My Prada Factory Code?

Are you looking to authenticate your Prada product, but are unsure about where to find the factory code? Worry not, because we have got you covered. In this article, we will guide you through the process of finding your Prada factory code.

What is a Prada Factory Code?

Before we get into the details of finding your factory code, let us first understand what it is. A Prada factory code is a unique number that is assigned to each Prada product during its manufacturing process. This number helps in identifying the authenticity of the product and also provides information about its origin.

Where to Find Your Prada Factory Code

Now that we know what a Prada factory code is let’s move on to finding it. The location of the factory code varies depending on the type of product.

Bags and Small Leather Goods

If you own a Prada bag or small leather goods like wallets or cardholders, you can find the factory code on a metal plaque inside the product. The plaque will be located either on the inner side of a pocket or under a flap.

Clothing and Footwear

For clothing and footwear items, the factory code can be found on an inside tag. The tag will have information about the material used in making the item as well as care instructions.

Jewelry and Accessories

In case you own any jewelry or accessory items like sunglasses or keychains, then look for a small metal plate with engraved information. The plate will have details like brand name, model number, and factory code.

  • Note: If you are unable to locate your factory code using these methods, it is always best to take help from an expert.

Why is it Important to Find Your Prada Factory Code?

The importance of finding your Prada factory code cannot be stressed enough. Authenticating your product using the factory code ensures that it is a genuine Prada item and not a counterfeit one. Moreover, it also provides you with information about the origin of your product.


In conclusion, finding your Prada factory code is an essential step in authenticating your product. The location of the factory code varies depending on the type of item, but with our guide, you should be able to locate it easily. Remember, if you are unable to find the factory code or have any doubts about its authenticity, take help from an expert.