How Do I Cut Cricut Vinyl on My Silhouette?

If you’re into crafting, then you know how popular Cricut vinyl is for creating custom designs. It’s easy to use and can be used on almost any surface.

But if you want to use your Silhouette machine to cut Cricut vinyl, you may be wondering how to do it correctly. Here are some tips on how to cut Cricut vinyl on your Silhouette machine.

1. Prepare Your Vinyl
Before you begin cutting with your Silhouette, make sure that your vinyl is properly prepared.

Clean the surface with a lint-free cloth or a baby wipe and remove any dust or debris that could interfere with the cutting process. Once it’s clean, place the vinyl onto the cutting mat and secure it in place using masking tape.

2. Load Your Cutting Mat
Once the vinyl is secured in place, load your cutting mat into the Silhouette machine. Make sure that you set the correct settings for the material type before loading it so that it can properly detect what type of material is loaded.

3. Select Your Design
Next, select a design from either the Silhouette Design Store or a file saved onto your computer. Once you’ve selected the design, open it up in Silhouette Studio and adjust its size as needed to fit onto your piece of Cricut vinyl.

4. Adjust Your Cut Settings

Once you have adjusted the size of your design, adjust your cut settings accordingly so that they match up with what type of Cricut vinyl you are using (glitter, regular, etc.).

Be sure to choose a blade setting that is appropriate for cutting through vinyl.

5. Send It To The Machine

Finally, once all of your settings are adjusted correctly and saved, send it over to your Silhouette machine for cutting. Once it has finished cutting out your design, remove it from the mat carefully and peel off any excess pieces of vinyl.

Cutting Cricut Vinyl on a Silhouette machine is easy and straightforward when done correctly! All you need to do is prepare your vinyl correctly before loading it onto the mat, adjusting both design and cut settings accordingly before sending over to the machine for cutting out!