How Do I Curve a Shape in Silhouette Studio?

Using the Silhouette Studio software, you can easily curve shapes and text to create unique designs. Curving shapes and text can add an extra level of sophistication to a design and is an essential skill for any Silhouette user. Here are the steps to curving a shape in Silhouette Studio:

1. Select the Shape

Before you can begin curving any shapes, you must first select them.

To do this, click on the shape or text that you want to curve. The shape will be highlighted, indicating that it is selected.

2. Use the Curved Text or Curve Tool

Once your shape has been selected, you can begin curving it by using either the Curved Text or Curve Tool options in the top toolbar. The curved text option will only work for text objects, while the curve tool will work with all types of shapes.

3. Adjust Curve Settings

Once you have applied either option to your shape, a box will pop up that allows you to adjust your curve settings.

On this box, you can adjust how curved your shape is by changing the “Curve” value. You can also change how “Smooth” your shape appears by adjusting the “Smoothness” value.

4. Click OK

Once you have adjusted your curve settings to your satisfaction, click OK to apply them to your shape.

Your curved shape should now appear in your project!


Using these four steps, anyone can easily learn how to curve shapes and text in Silhouette Studio! This skill is essential for creating unique designs with added sophistication. With some practice and experimentation with different values in the Curve Settings box, anyone can become a master at curving shapes!