How Do I Add Fonts to Silhouette?

Adding fonts to your Silhouette cutting machine can be a great way to customize your projects and add a unique flair to your designs. There are several different methods for adding fonts, depending on the type of font you want to install. The most common method is to install a font from the Internet or from a CD, while other methods require downloading a software package and installing the font manually.

Installing Fonts From the Internet or CD

If you’re looking for pre-made fonts, you can find many free and paid options online. Once you’ve downloaded the font of your choice, it’s time to get it ready for installation. First, unzip the file if necessary.

Then, open up Silhouette Studio and go to File > Fonts > Install Font from Disk. Locate the font file on your computer and select it. Once it’s installed, it will appear in the list of available fonts.

Installing Fonts Manually

If you have created your own custom fonts or need to install a set of multiple fonts at once, you may need to download a software package. Popular packages include SkyFonts, Adobe Typekit, and Google Fonts.

To install these packages, simply download them onto your computer and follow the instructions provided by the package itself. Once installed, they will show up in Silhouette Studio just like any other font.


Adding fonts to Silhouette is easy if you know what type of font you want to use and how to get it installed properly. Whether you choose pre-made fonts from the Internet or CD or decide to create your own with specialized software packages, installing additional fonts allows for more creativity and customization with your projects.

Conclusion – How Do I Add Fonts To Silhouette?

Adding fonts to Silhouette is easy with just a few steps needed depending on where you are getting the font from – either online/CD or through specialized software packages. With these extra resources available, they allow more creativity when customizing projects with new design options.