How Can I Speak to a Human at Hermes?

Are you experiencing some issues with your Hermes delivery and are struggling to get in touch with a human representative from the company? Don’t worry, as you’re not alone.

Many customers often find themselves in this frustrating situation. However, there are several ways through which you can speak to a human at Hermes.

Why You May Need to Speak to a Human at Hermes?

Before we dive into the ways of contacting a human representative at Hermes, let’s discuss why you may need to do so. It’s common for customers to experience issues with their deliveries, such as a missing parcel or delayed delivery.

In such cases, it can be difficult to resolve the issue through automated channels and self-help resources. Hence, speaking to a human representative can help in resolving your queries quickly and effectively.

Ways of Speaking to a Human at Hermes

Here are some ways through which you can speak to a human at Hermes:

1. Contacting Customer Service

The first and most straightforward way of speaking to a human representative at Hermes is by contacting their customer service team. You can call them on 0330 808 5456 or use their online chat service available on their website. The customer service team is available seven days a week from 8 AM – 8 PM on weekdays and from 8 AM – 6 PM on weekends.

2. Social Media

Another way of getting in touch with a human representative is through social media channels like Twitter or Facebook. You can send them direct messages explaining your issue, and they will respond within hours.

3. Live Chat

Hermes also offers live chat support services that allow customers to speak directly to an agent online without having to make phone calls or wait for email responses.

4. Visiting Your Local Depot

If you’re unable to resolve your issue through the above-mentioned channels, you can visit your local Hermes depot. You can use their website to find the nearest depot to your location. Visiting the depot in person can help in resolving complex issues that require face-to-face interactions.


In conclusion, speaking to a human at Hermes is relatively easy if you know where to look. By following the steps mentioned above, you can quickly and effectively resolve any delivery issues or queries that you may have. Remember, Hermes is committed to providing excellent customer service and will assist you in any way possible.