Does UMD Offer Graphic Design?

The University of Maryland (UMD) offers a range of degree programs for graphic design, ranging from a graduate certificate to an M.A. in Visual Communication Design. UMD’s graphic design curriculum focuses on the creative, technical, and critical aspects of graphic design in the context of visual communication, from print to digital media and interactive design. Students learn to use the latest software such as Adobe Creative Suite to create compelling visuals that express ideas and solve problems.

Students enrolled in UMD’s graphic design program take courses that cover topics such as visual literacy; typography; website design; interface and user experience; digital imaging; illustration; motion graphics; 3D modeling; animation and sound; corporate identity and branding. They also learn about project management, problem solving strategies, portfolio development, industry standards and trends.

In addition to core courses in graphic design, students have the opportunity to explore related areas such as marketing and advertising, photography, game development, video production, web development and more.

The curriculum culminates with a senior project that allows students to demonstrate their knowledge and skills by creating an original portfolio piece.

At UMD students have access to an array of resources such as workshops on Adobe Creative Suite software packages like Photoshop or Illustrator. The school also offers classes on entrepreneurship for those interested in starting their own business or freelancing.

The University of Maryland is recognized for its excellent educational opportunities for those looking for a career in the field of graphic design. With its diverse curriculum and resources available to help students succeed, UMD is certainly a great choice for those interested in pursuing a degree in this field.


Yes, UMD does offer graphic design degrees ranging from certificates all the way up to master’s degrees. It provides students with access to workshops on Adobe Creative Suite software packages such as Photoshop or Illustrator as well as courses on entrepreneurship if they wish to start their own business or freelance. With its diverse curriculum and resources available at hand, UMD is definitely an excellent choice for those looking into studying graphic design.