Does UC Davis Have a Graphic Design Major?

The University of California, Davis has a long history of providing students with an impressive array of educational opportunities. One such opportunity is the university’s Graphic Design Major.

The Graphic Design Major at UC Davis provides students with the opportunity to hone their skills in areas such as communication design, interactive media design, and typography. Students also have the chance to explore more specialized topics such as letterpress printing and bookbinding. The program provides a comprehensive foundation for professional practice in graphic design and related fields.

The major emphasizes the development of strong problem-solving skills and an understanding of aesthetic principles to create effective visual communication solutions for both print and digital media. Students learn how to use current design software, as well as develop technical proficiency in illustration, photography, and typography. In addition to its focus on creative problem solving, the major also provides courses in color theory, art history, digital imaging, animation, web design and more.

UC Davis offers a Bachelor of Arts degree in Graphic Design that requires completion of 120 credits including 50 credits in graphic design courses and 70 credits in general education courses. The curriculum focuses on developing creativity through studio courses while also providing a broad background in various aspects of visual culture. Core classes include Introduction to Visual Communication Design & Theory; Creative Process & Problem Solving; Typography I & II; Color Theory; Drawing & Rendering; Digital Imaging & Photomontage; Layout & Print Production; Web Design & Multimedia Production; Animation & Motion Graphics; Exhibition Design; Portfolio Preparation; Professional Practice Seminar and more.


In conclusion, UC Davis does offer a Graphic Design Major for students looking for an opportunity to hone their skills in this field. The major emphasizes problem solving skills as well as aesthetic principles while providing comprehensive training in graphic design areas such as letterpress printing and bookbinding. With its comprehensive curriculum focusing on creativity through studio courses alongside general education topics, this major can prepare students for further academic studies or professional practice.