Does the Silhouette Cameo 4 Cut Fabric?

The Silhouette Cameo 4 is a versatile cutting machine that can be used to create a wide range of projects. It is perfect for crafting enthusiasts who want to cut paper, vinyl, fabric, and other materials.

The Cameo 4 is equipped with a Motor Dual Carriage System that allows it to move two tools at once. This means that you can use one blade and one pen at the same time to complete intricate projects quickly and easily.

The Silhouette Cameo 4 comes with two blades – the AutoBlade and the Deep Cut Blade. The AutoBlade is the standard blade that comes with the machine, and it will work well for most basic cutting needs.

The Deep Cut Blade is designed specifically for thicker materials, such as fabric or chipboard, and can even cut thick balsa wood. With either blade, you should be able to cut fabric with ease.

When cutting fabric with the Silhouette Cameo 4, it is important to use the correct settings for your machine. You will need to adjust the speed and pressure settings depending on the type of fabric you are using.

For example, if you are using lightweight fabrics such as cotton or silk, then you will need to decrease both the speed and pressure settings in order to prevent fraying. On the other hand, if you are using thick fabrics such as canvas or denim, then you may need to increase both settings.

Another thing to consider when cutting fabric with the Silhouette Cameo 4 is stabilizer. Stabilizer helps keep your fabric in place while it’s being cut so that it doesn’t shift or stretch out of shape during the process. You can buy stabilizer in rolls or sheets from most craft stores or online retailers.


The Silhouette Cameo 4 is an incredibly versatile machine that can be used to cut a variety of materials including fabric. With its dual-carriage system and adjustable speed and pressure settings, it’s perfect for creating detailed projects quickly and easily. Whether you’re working with lightweight materials like cotton or thicker fabrics like canvas, you should be able to get professional-looking results with your Silhouette Cameo 4.