Does Silhouette Studio Create SVG Files?

Silhouette Studio is a software program created by Silhouette America Inc., used for the purpose of designing and creating artwork for use with cutting machines. It can be used to create designs for use with vinyl, paper, fabric, and other materials.

One popular feature of Silhouette Studio is its compatibility with SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) files. SVG files are vector graphics that can be resized without losing image quality, making them ideal for projects that require precision cutting.

Silhouette Studio itself does not create SVG files, but it does allow you to open and edit existing SVG files. You can also save designs created in the program as SVG files.

To do this, simply go to “File” > “Save As..” and select “SVG (*.svg)” from the list of file types. Once you select this option, your design will be saved as an SVG file.

In addition to opening and saving SVG files, Silhouette Studio also allows you to convert other image formats into SVG files. To convert an image into an SVG file, go to “File” > “Import” and select the type of file you wish to convert (JPEG, PNG, etc.). Once imported, you can then save the design as an SVG file.

Silhouette Studio also allows users to create their own custom shapes and letters using the software’s drawing tools. You can then save these shapes as an SVG file so they can be used in other projects or shared with others who have the same software.


Yes, Silhouette Studio does create SVG files. It is capable of opening existing SVGs as well as saving designs created in the program as SVGs. In addition, it allows users to convert other image formats into SVGs and even create their own custom shapes that can be saved as SVGs.