Does Purdue Have Graphic Design?

Purdue University is a world-renowned university with a wide range of educational opportunities available to students. One area in which Purdue has long been a leader is graphic design. Purdue offers both undergraduate and graduate degree programs in graphic design that are designed to prepare students for successful careers in the field.

The undergraduate program in graphic design at Purdue University was established over 40 years ago and has since grown into one of the most respected programs in the country. In addition to the core curriculum, students have access to a variety of specialized classes such as motion graphics, web design, and interactive media. Through these classes, students learn how to create professional-level visuals for both print and digital mediums.

The graduate program at Purdue offers more advanced training for those looking to pursue professional level positions in the industry. The program focuses on developing creative and technical skills through courses like typography, layout and composition, color theory, illustration and 3D modeling.

Students also receive instruction in digital media production, including video editing and animation. These courses are designed to give graduates the knowledge they need to become experts in their field.

Purdue also offers minors in graphic design that allow students who are majoring in another subject area to gain an understanding of graphic design principles as well as practical experience creating artwork using industry-standard software packages. The minor is an excellent way for students to gain an edge when looking for employment after graduation or when pursuing advanced studies in the field.

Purdue University is committed to providing high quality education that prepares its graduates for success in any profession they choose to pursue. With its comprehensive curricula and diverse faculty, Purdue’s programs offer an excellent opportunity for anyone interested in pursuing a career as a graphic designer.


Yes, Purdue does have a strong focus on Graphic Design study programmes at both undergraduate and graduate levels which provide prospective graduates with the necessary skillset required for success within this field.