Does Pratt Have Graphic Design?

Pratt Institute is a world-renowned educational institution, located in Brooklyn, New York. With a strong focus on the creative arts and design, Pratt has a long reputation of providing students with the tools to become successful in their chosen field. One of the many programs offered at Pratt is graphic design.

Graphic design is an ever-evolving field that requires a combination of creative and technical skills. It is used in almost every industry to communicate ideas, concepts, and messages visually.

At Pratt Institute, students learn about the fundamentals of graphic design, including typography, color theory, illustration and photography. They also gain knowledge in digital media design such as web design, motion graphics and animation.

The curriculum at Pratt Institute provides students with the opportunity to explore their creativity through hands-on projects as well as lectures from experienced professionals. Students also have access to state-of-the-art facilities such as computer labs and specialized printing equipment. There are even internships available for those interested in gaining real world experience.

Pratt Institute offers a variety of degree programs for aspiring graphic designers ranging from undergraduate certificates to graduate degrees. Each program focuses on different aspects of the field while giving students the opportunity to gain a comprehensive understanding of graphic design. The faculty consists of dedicated professionals who have years of experience in teaching and working within the industry.


Yes, Pratt Institute does have Graphic Design programs available for aspiring designers looking to take their creative skills to the next level. With its rigorous curriculum and experienced faculty members, it provides students with an excellent education that will prepare them for success within this ever-changing field.