Does Prada Have Plus Size?

If you’re a plus-size shopper, finding designer clothing that fits can be a challenge. One brand that many people aspire to own is Prada.

However, the question remains: does Prada have plus size options? The answer is not as straightforward as you may hope.

Prada’s Size Range

Firstly, let’s take a look at Prada’s size range. Typically, the brand offers sizes ranging from XXS to XL for women and up to XXXL for men. While these sizes may be suitable for some plus-size shoppers, they may not fit everyone.

The Problem with Designer Sizing

Designer sizing can be notoriously small compared to regular high street brands. This can make it difficult for anyone who doesn’t conform to the standard sizes offered by these brands. As a result, many plus-size shoppers feel excluded from designer fashion.

Prada’s Approach to Plus Size

Unfortunately, Prada has yet to make any significant moves towards catering specifically to plus-size shoppers. The brand has not introduced an extended size range or launched a separate line dedicated to larger sizes.

However, there are occasional instances where Prada includes plus-size models in their runway shows or advertising campaigns. While this is undoubtedly a step in the right direction towards inclusivity and body positivity, it does little for plus-size shoppers who want to wear Prada clothing themselves.

What Can Plus-Size Shoppers Do?

If you’re a plus-size shopper who wants to wear designer clothing such as Prada, there are still some options available.

One solution is to shop for oversized or unisex styles within the existing Prada range. This approach may work well for certain items such as outerwear or sweaters that are meant to have an oversized fit anyway.

Another option is to seek out resellers that specialize in vintage or secondhand designer clothing. These sellers often have a wider range of sizes available, including vintage pieces from brands like Prada.


In conclusion, Prada does not currently offer a dedicated plus-size range. While the brand occasionally features plus-size models in their campaigns and runway shows, this does little to address the issues faced by plus-size shoppers who want to wear Prada clothing themselves. However, there are still options available for those who want to incorporate Prada into their wardrobe, such as shopping for oversized or unisex styles or seeking out secondhand pieces.