Does Northwestern Have a Graphic Design Program?

Northwestern University offers a range of degree and certificate programs for students interested in graphic design. With its renowned faculty and cutting-edge facilities, Northwestern provides a comprehensive education for those looking to pursue a career in this rapidly evolving field. Students can choose from undergraduate and graduate programs, as well as an array of specialized courses.

The undergraduate program includes Bachelor of Arts (BA) or Bachelor of Science (BS) degrees in Graphic Design. This program focuses on developing creative problem-solving skills in addition to technical knowledge and provides students with the skills needed to design effective visual communication solutions.

The curriculum covers topics such as typography, branding, illustration, photography, digital media, and web design. In addition to the core courses, students can also choose from electives that explore other areas such as animation and interactive media.

The graduate program is an intensive two-year Master of Fine Arts (MFA) program that allows students to further specialize in their chosen area of graphic design. Students receive instruction from leading professionals in the field who share their knowledge through lectures, studio projects, and critiques.

The program includes courses such as Advanced Typography & Design Theory, Motion Graphics & Animation, Interactive Design & Development, and Web Design & Development. At the end of the two years, graduates are prepared to enter the professional world with a portfolio showcasing their best work.

In addition to degree programs, Northwestern also offers several non-degree workshops and seminars throughout the year. These provide great opportunities for both aspiring designers and professionals looking to stay abreast of industry developments and hone their skills further.

Overall, Northwestern is one of the top universities for studying graphic design at both an undergraduate and graduate level. With its well-regarded faculty members and strong curriculum options offered in both degree-seeking programs and non-degree workshops/seminars, Northwestern provides a well-rounded education that is sure to help its students succeed in this competitive field.


Yes, Northwestern has a comprehensive graphic design program that offers undergraduate degrees as well as graduate degrees for those interested in pursuing this field professionally. In addition to these degree programs there are also various workshops/seminars available that allow aspiring designers or professionals staying up to date with industry developments.