Does NC State Have a Graphic Design Program?

NC State does indeed have a Graphic Design Program. This program is offered through the College of Design and provides students with the opportunity to gain knowledge and skills in areas like typography, image making, illustration, and digital design. The program also offers courses in interactive media, web design, video production, and video game design.

Students enrolled in the Graphic Design Program can choose from a variety of degree options including a Bachelor of Arts, Master of Science and Doctorate in Design. All three degrees require students to complete coursework that covers topics like art history, visual communication principles, color theory, digital imaging techniques, and typography. Students can also take electives in areas such as animation or web design.

In addition to the core curriculum, students can also participate in various extracurricular activities including internships at local companies or organizations as well as field trips to industry conferences or exhibitions. Students may also choose to pursue research projects related to their field of study. The program emphasizes hands-on learning and provides numerous opportunities for students to practice their skills in real-world settings.

The NC State Graphic Design Program is highly regarded in the industry. Alumni have gone on to work for some of the world’s top companies such as Apple, Google and Microsoft. Additionally, many graduates have gone on to become successful entrepreneurs who have started their own businesses.


Yes, NC State does offer a Graphic Design Program through its College of Design. This program provides students with an array of degree options that cover topics such as typography, image making, illustration and digital design. Alumni from this program have gone on to work for top companies as well as become successful entrepreneurs who have started their own businesses.