Does Michaels Own Cricut?

Michael’s, the crafting giant, has been the one-stop shop for those looking to get creative ever since they opened their doors in 1973. They offer a wide selection of arts and craft supplies, equipment, kits, and even online classes to help inspire people of all ages to unleash their inner artist. Recently, Michaels has also become well known for their partnership with Cricut.

Cricut is a cutting machine that can be used to create detailed designs from materials like paper, fabric, vinyl and cardstock. It is the perfect tool for scrapbooking, making custom cards or invitations, personalized gifts and much more. Cricut machines are renowned for their precision and accuracy when it comes to creating intricate designs.

Michaels has long been associated with Cricut products due to their expansive selection of supplies specifically tailored for use with Cricut machines. They offer a wide range of materials as well as pre-made projects that make it easy for anyone to get started with a Cricut right away. Michaels also offers exclusive discounts on select Cricut products which makes it even more appealing for those looking to purchase a Cricut machine.

So does Michaels own Cricut? The answer is no; while Michaels is the exclusive retailer of Cricut products in the US, they do not own the company itself. Instead they have formed an exclusive partnership with them which allows them to sell their products in stores and online.

Conclusion: No, Michaels does not own Cricut; instead they have formed an exclusive partnership which allows them to sell their products in stores and online. This partnership has allowed them to become one of the top retailers of Cricut machines in the US.