Does Luxottica Make Prada Sunglasses?

If you’re in the market for a pair of luxury sunglasses, you may have come across Prada as a brand that catches your eye. But have you ever wondered who actually makes Prada sunglasses?

One commonly asked question is whether Luxottica, the world’s largest eyewear company, is responsible for manufacturing Prada sunglasses. Let’s dive into the details.

Who is Luxottica?

Luxottica is an Italian eyewear conglomerate that designs, manufactures and distributes eyewear for a variety of brands. The company was founded in 1961 by Leonardo Del Vecchio and has since grown to become the largest eyewear company in the world with more than 80,000 employees and over 7,000 retail stores worldwide.

Does Luxottica make Prada sunglasses?

Yes, Luxottica does manufacture and distribute Prada sunglasses. In fact, Luxottica has been responsible for producing and distributing Prada eyewear since 2003 when they signed a licensing agreement with the luxury fashion brand.

How did this partnership come about?

In the early 2000s, Prada was looking to expand its brand into new areas beyond its core fashion business. Recognizing the potential of the eyewear market, they entered into a partnership with Luxottica to design and produce their line of sunglasses and optical frames.

What does this mean for consumers?

For consumers, this means that when you purchase a pair of Prada sunglasses or optical frames from an authorized retailer, you can be sure that they were produced by Luxottica under license from Prada. This also means that your glasses will likely feature high-quality materials and craftsmanship associated with both brands.


In summary, Luxottica does make Prada sunglasses under a licensing agreement between the two companies. This partnership has allowed Prada to expand its brand into the eyewear market and ensures that consumers can expect high-quality products from both brands. So, if you’re in the market for a pair of Prada sunglasses, you can rest assured that they were manufactured by Luxottica.