Does Lowes Do Landscape Design?

Lowes is an American home improvement retailer that specializes in home improvement, home decor, tools, and more. With locations throughout the United States and Canada, Lowes has become a popular destination for customers looking for everything from appliances to lawn care supplies.

Lowes does offer landscape design services for customers who are looking for help with designing their outdoor space. Lowes landscape designers can help create and bring to life a customer’s dream garden or yard. From creating the perfect flower beds to laying down a new patio, Lowes has the tools to help make any vision come true.

The Lowes landscape design process typically begins with a site visit from one of their professional landscapers. During this visit, the customer will have the opportunity to discuss their goals and expectations for their outdoor space with the landscaper. After this discussion, the landscaper will then begin designing a custom plan based on the customer’s preferences.

Once the plan is complete, Lowes landscape designers can provide installation services as well as ongoing maintenance services to keep your outdoor space looking its best all year round. Customers also have access to exclusive deals on plants and other materials when they use Lowes’s landscape design services.


Does Lowes Do Landscape Design?

Yes, Lowes does offer landscape design services for customers who are looking for help creating and maintaining an outdoor space that fits their individual needs and preferences. From initial consultations to installation and ongoing maintenance services, Lowes has all of the tools necessary to turn any vision into reality!