Does Landscape Design Pay Well?

Landscape design is an incredibly rewarding career path, however the pay can vary greatly depending on the designer’s experience and the demands of the job. Generally, landscape design pays quite well, especially when compared to other creative careers.

The salary range for landscape designers can vary significantly depending on several factors such as level of experience, size of company, type of projects they work on and geographical location. A recent survey conducted by PayScale revealed that the median salary for landscape designers in the US is $48,000 per year.

That being said, experienced and highly skilled landscape designers can make over six figures annually. Many experienced professionals will also be able to charge more for their services due to their reputation in the industry.

Furthermore, those who are able to take on large-scale projects or specialize in certain areas such as eco-friendly designs may also be able to earn higher salaries.

In addition to a competitive salary, many landscape designers also have the potential to make money through commissions or bonuses from satisfied customers. This extra income can be a great way for a designer to supplement their income and increase their overall earnings potential.


Overall, landscape design can be a very lucrative career path with plenty of earning potential. Experienced professionals may be able to make six figures annually while those just starting out can still expect to receive a competitive salary. In addition to this base pay, there is also the potential for additional income through commissions and bonuses from satisfied customers.