Does ISU Have a Graphic Design Program?

Illinois State University (ISU) offers a variety of degree programs to accommodate students’ interests and career goals. For students interested in graphic design, ISU offers an undergraduate degree program through the Department of Art.

The Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design program is an interdisciplinary program that provides a comprehensive education in visual communication principles and design processes. The curriculum includes courses in design fundamentals, typography, color theory, digital imaging and printing, web design, animation, and interactive media.

Students who enroll in the BFA Graphic Design program will gain hands-on experience with industry-standard software such as Adobe Creative Suite and Autodesk Maya. In addition to traditional classroom instruction, the curriculum features internships with businesses or organizations related to graphic design.

ISU’s BFA Graphic Design program is designed to prepare students for careers in corporate identity development, magazine layout, website design, packaging design, motion graphics, advertising campaigns, illustration and much more. In addition to acquiring strong technical skills in the area of graphic design, students can also benefit from ISU’s career services department which provides career exploration resources for graduating students.


In conclusion, ISU does have a graphic design program available for undergraduate students interested in pursuing a degree in this field. The Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design program provides comprehensive instruction on visual communication principles and processes while offering hands-on experience with industry-standard software. With the assistance of ISU’s career services department upon graduation, students can pursue successful careers in various areas of graphic design.