Does Home Depot Do Landscape Design?

Home Depot has become a one-stop shop for home improvement projects, offering everything from tools to landscaping materials. But does Home Depot do landscape design?

The short answer is yes – Home Depot does offer landscape design services.

Home Depot’s landscape design services are available through its online Design Center as well as through in-store consultation with a certified landscape designer. The Design Center provides homeowners with access to over 500 professionally designed outdoor living plans, including landscaping projects and ideas.

Homeowners can browse through the plans and get ideas for their own project. They can also work with a certified landscape designer to customize a plan that meets their needs and budget.

The Design Center also includes an online 3D design tool, which allows homeowners to virtually create their perfect outdoor space by dragging and dropping elements into the design. Homeowners can then save the design for future use or print it out for easy reference when shopping at Home Depot.

In addition to the online Design Center, Home Depot also offers in-store consultations with certified landscape designers who can help homeowners create a custom plan for their yard or garden. This service is available at select stores and is free of charge. The landscape designer will take into account the homeowner’s budget, lifestyle, and desired style of landscaping before creating a custom plan.


So, yes – Home Depot does offer landscape design services both online and in store. With access to hundreds of professionally designed plans as well as personalized assistance from certified designers, Home Depot can help homeowners create the perfect outdoor space for their home.