Does Hermes Make Boats?

If you’re a fan of the luxury brand Hermes, you might be wondering if they also manufacture boats. After all, Hermes is known for their high-end leather goods, clothing, and accessories.

But do they dabble in the world of boating? Let’s find out.

First off, it’s important to note that Hermes does not make boats as part of their regular product line. While they have been known to collaborate with other companies on limited edition items such as bicycles and skateboards, there is no evidence that they have ever produced a boat.

However, that’s not to say that Hermes has no connection to the boating world. In fact, the brand has a long history of creating bespoke pieces for wealthy clients who own yachts and other watercraft.

One example of this is the custom leather upholstery that Hermes created for the interior of a yacht owned by billionaire businessman Paul Allen. The company also crafted a set of matching luggage for Allen to use while onboard his vessel.

In addition to these one-of-a-kind projects, Hermes has also released nautical-inspired collections over the years. For example, their Spring/Summer 2018 collection included several pieces featuring sailboat motifs and nautical stripes.

So while Hermes may not be in the business of manufacturing boats themselves, they certainly have a presence in the world of luxury yachting. And who knows – maybe one day we’ll see a limited edition Hermes boat hit the open waters.

In conclusion, while Hermes does not make boats as part of their regular product line, they have certainly made their mark on the world of luxury yachting through bespoke projects and nautical-themed collections. So if you’re looking for an ultra-luxe sailing experience, it wouldn’t hurt to reach out to Hermes and see what custom creations they might be able to come up with for your vessel.