Does Cricut Vinyl Stay on Mugs?

Cricut vinyl is a great way to add a personal touch to your favorite mug. Not only can you customize the design, but you can also be sure that the vinyl will stay on the mug for years to come.

The secret behind this longevity is in the adhesive backing of Cricut vinyl. Cricut vinyl has an adhesive that is specifically designed to stick to a variety of surfaces, including mugs.

It is also waterproof and highly durable, meaning it can withstand washing and other wear-and-tear from everyday use.

When applying Cricut vinyl to a mug, it is important to make sure that the surface of the mug is clean and free of any dirt or dust. This will ensure that the adhesive properly adheres to the mug. It is also important to follow all instructions included with the Cricut vinyl product as there may be specific directions for how to apply it correctly.

Once applied, Cricut vinyl will stay on your mug for years without fading or peeling off. To keep it looking its best, simply hand-wash your mug with mild soap and water and avoid using any harsh chemicals or abrasive scrubbing materials.


In conclusion, yes – Cricut vinyl does stay on mugs! With its strong adhesive backing and waterproof material, you can count on your custom design lasting for years with proper care and maintenance.