Does Cricut Have Varsity Font?

Cricut is a cutting machine that has become popular among crafters and DIYers. It can be used to cut paper, fabric, vinyl, and even wood.

One of the most popular features of Cricut is its library of fonts that can be used to personalize projects. Among the many fonts available is the Varsity font.

The Varsity font is a bold, sporty font that evokes a sense of strength and spirit. Its thick letterforms and strong lines make it perfect for creating T-shirts, jerseys, signs, banners, and other sports-related projects. It also works well with other fonts such as block letters or script fonts for a more varied look.

The Varsity font is available in both the Cricut Design Space app and the Cricut Access subscription service. To use it in Design Space, simply type in “Varsity” in the search bar or browse through the library of fonts until you find it. Once selected, you can customize it by adjusting its size and color to fit your project.

The Varsity font also comes preloaded on all Cricut machines making it easy to use without having to download or purchase any additional software. To access it on your machine, simply select “Varsity” from the list of fonts on your machine’s LCD screen.


Yes, Cricut does have Varsity Font available both in its Design Space app and preloaded on all Cricut machines. It is a bold font with strong lines perfect for creating sports-related projects such as T-shirts or banners.