Does Cricut EasyPress Come With Mat?

Cricut EasyPress is a tool that is used to heat-press designs onto textiles. It is an easy and mess-free way to transfer designs onto clothing, fabric, and other materials. The EasyPress is a must-have for any crafter or DIYer who wants to create high-quality projects with professional results.

The Cricut EasyPress comes with several accessories and tools, including the heating plate, base plate, power cord, and instructions. One of the most important components of the EasyPress is the mat. The mat is what provides a safe and secure surface for pressing your design onto fabric.

The Cricut EasyPress mat is made from a special material that helps to protect your fabric from heat damage while also providing a smooth surface for pressing on design elements. It also helps ensure that the design adheres properly to the fabric.

Does Cricut EasyPress Come With Mat?

Yes, the Cricut EasyPress does come with a mat. The mat is included in all models of the Cricut EasyPress and can be found in the box along with all of the other components.


The Cricut EasyPress comes with a mat that provides an essential protective layer between your fabric and heat when transferring designs. It helps ensure that your project turns out looking professional and attractive by protecting your fabric from heat damage and providing an even surface for applying designs.