Does Chanel Still Make Vamp Nail Polish?

Chanel is a name that is synonymous with luxury and indulgence. From haute couture clothing to exquisite fragrances, Chanel has been a brand that has defined elegance for over a century.

One of the most iconic products in the Chanel beauty line has been their nail polishes, particularly the shade Vamp. But the question on every beauty lover’s mind is – does Chanel still make Vamp nail polish? Let’s find out.

History of Vamp Nail Polish

First introduced in 1994 as part of Chanel’s Fall/Winter collection, Vamp nail polish quickly became a sensation. It was inspired by the dark red lipstick worn by Uma Thurman in Quentin Tarantino’s cult classic film Pulp Fiction.

The color was deep and rich, with hints of burgundy and black that gave it an edgy vibe. It was unlike anything else on the market at the time and became an instant hit among fashionistas.

The Discontinuation of Vamp Nail Polish

After several years of being a best-seller for Chanel, Vamp nail polish was discontinued in 2000. Fans were devastated as it had become an iconic shade that had set trends and inspired countless imitations. However, all hope was not lost as Chanel brought back Vamp in 2003 due to popular demand.

Current Availability of Vamp Nail Polish

As of now, it seems that Chanel no longer produces Vamp nail polish on a regular basis. However, it is still available for purchase online through various retailers such as Amazon and eBay. You may also be able to find it at select department stores or high-end beauty boutiques.

Alternative Shades

If you’re unable to get your hands on Vamp nail polish or simply want to try something different, there are several shades from Chanel’s current line-up that are worth exploring. Rouge Noir is a similar shade that has a slightly more berry-toned hue.

It was actually the original name of the shade before it was renamed Vamp. Another great option is Pirate, which is a bold and bright red that makes a statement.


In conclusion, while Chanel may no longer produce Vamp nail polish on a regular basis, it still remains an iconic shade that holds a special place in the hearts of many beauty enthusiasts. Its rich and sultry color has inspired countless imitations over the years and will continue to be a source of inspiration for years to come. Whether you’re able to get your hands on the original or find an alternative shade that speaks to you, there’s no denying that Chanel nail polishes are timeless classics that exude sophistication and glamour.