Does Berkeley Have a Graphic Design Major?

Berkeley is known for its excellence in higher education, and many students from all over the world choose to study at this renowned university. With its wide range of courses and majors, Berkeley has something for everyone. But does Berkeley have a Graphic Design major?

The answer is yes.

Berkeley offers a major in Graphic Design through their Department of Art Practice. This department offers a comprehensive undergraduate program that combines studio art, design, and digital media to provide students with the skills they need to become successful graphic designers. The curriculum covers topics such as typography, color theory, image manipulation, printmaking, web design, and more. Students also have the opportunity to work on real-world projects through internships and independent study courses.

In addition to their major in Graphic Design, Berkeley also offers minors in Digital Media and Visual Design. These minors are ideal for students who are already studying another major but want to broaden their knowledge of the graphic design field. The Digital Media minor focuses on digital media production, while the Visual Design minor explores visual communication through traditional and digital means.

Berkeley also provides an array of resources for aspiring graphic designers. The Art Practice Department provides state-of-the-art equipment for student use, including computers with the latest software applications like Adobe Creative Suite and Autodesk Maya. There are also numerous workshops offered throughout the year where students can learn from industry professionals about topics such as branding, packaging design, motion graphics, photography techniques, etc.


So in conclusion – yes, Berkeley does offer a major in Graphic Design as well as minors in Digital Media and Visual Design. Students will find an array of resources available to them to help them become successful graphic designers.