Does a Product Owner Do Design?

Product Owners are an integral part of a product development team, just like designers. They are responsible for the product vision and roadmap, as well as for setting priorities and communicating the team’s progress to stakeholders.

But what about design? Does a Product Owner do design?

The short answer is: no. Product Owners are not responsible for designing products, and they generally don’t have the necessary skillset or experience. Instead, they focus on the bigger picture of how the product should look and feel, while leaving the details of design to experts such as UX designers or UI/visual designers.

Product Owners are experts in understanding customer needs and translating them into product requirements. They ultimately decide what features should be included in a product, when it should be released, and how it should be priced. A Product Owner will work with designers to ensure that their designs meet customer needs and match the overall product vision.

At the same time, Product Owners can (and should) provide feedback on designs to ensure that they meet customer needs and adhere to company standards. This feedback can take many forms such as suggesting changes to button sizes or recommending specific color palettes. In this way, Product Owners can help guide designers in creating effective user interfaces that meet customer needs while still being visually appealing.

Product Owners also need to understand basic principles of user experience (UX) design so they can evaluate designs from a user’s perspective. They need to understand how users interact with a product and be able to identify common usability issues such as clunky navigation or unclear labels. By understanding UX design principles, Product Owners can ensure that their products are easy-to-use and intuitive for customers.

In summary, Product Owners do not do design themselves but play an important role in shaping the overall look and feel of a product by providing strategic guidance on UX/UI elements as well as giving feedback on specific designs created by experts like UX/UI designers. Ultimately, they ensure that all decisions made about a product are aligned with customer needs while still adhering to company standards and goals.


No, a Product Owner does not do design themselves but plays an important role in guiding UX/UI elements throughout the development process by providing feedback on designs created by experts like UX/UI designers.