Do I Need a Computer to Use a Cricut?

Cricut is one of the most popular crafting machines available on the market. It allows you to quickly and easily cut out shapes, letters, images, and more from a variety of materials. It’s great for creating custom projects such as decorations, cards, scrapbooks, and more. But many people wonder – do I need a computer to use a Cricut?

The answer is yes – if you want to use the Cricut machine in its full capacity, you will need a computer. This is because the Cricut machine needs to be connected to a computer in order to access the designs you want it to cut out.

The Cricut Design Space software is used for this purpose; it enables you to select the design you want and send it directly to your Cricut machine. Without this software, your machine won’t be able to access the designs or know what cuts it should make.

That being said, there are some new models of Cricut machines that don’t require a computer connection. These models allow you to download designs directly onto an SD card or USB drive and plug them into your machine so that it can make all of the necessary cuts without any additional help from a computer. While these models are convenient for those who don’t have access to a computer or don’t want to bother with connecting their machine every time they want to cut something out, they lack some features that are available with models that require a computer connection such as access to more intricate designs or textured materials.


In conclusion, while there are some newer models of Cricuts that do not require a computer connection in order for them to work properly, if you want full access to all of the features that your Cricut has available then you will need a computer in order for it work correctly and efficiently.