Did Gucci Make a Fiat?

If you’re a car enthusiast or someone who loves luxury brands, you might have heard rumors about a possible collaboration between Gucci and Fiat. But did Gucci really make a Fiat? Let’s find out.


Gucci is an Italian luxury fashion brand that was founded in 1921. Known for its high-end clothing and accessories, Gucci has expanded its product line to include watches, jewelry, and even home decor items.

On the other hand, Fiat is an Italian car manufacturer that has been around since 1899. The company is known for producing affordable cars that offer great value for money.

The Rumors

Rumors about a possible collaboration between Gucci and Fiat started circulating in the early 2000s. Some people claimed that the two companies were working on a special edition Fiat car that would feature Gucci’s iconic logo and design elements. Others speculated that Gucci was planning to launch its own line of cars, with Fiat as its manufacturing partner.

The Truth

So, did Gucci make a Fiat? The answer is yes and no. While there was never any official collaboration between the two companies, there have been instances where both brands have worked together on special projects.

In 2011, Gucci created a limited edition version of the Fiat 500 in celebration of the car’s 150th anniversary. The car featured Gucci’s signature green-and-red stripe down the sides and on the mirrors, as well as the company’s iconic logo on the hubcaps and seats.

However, it’s worth noting that this was not a joint venture between Gucci and Fiat. Instead, it was simply a licensing agreement where Gucci paid to use Fiat’s platform to create their own version of the car.


In summary, while there have been rumors about a possible collaboration between Gucci and Fiat, the truth is that there has never been an official partnership between the two companies. However, Gucci did create a special edition of the Fiat 500 in 2011, which featured the fashion brand’s iconic design elements.

Whether or not we’ll see more collaborations between these two Italian powerhouses in the future remains to be seen. But for now, we can appreciate the unique and stylish design of the Gucci-fied Fiat 500.