Can You Wash Shirts With Cricut Vinyl?

Cricut vinyl is a type of material that is used for crafting and scrapbooking projects. It is made of a thin, flexible plastic sheet that can be cut with a Cricut machine. It has a glossy finish and comes in many colors, making it an ideal choice for creating custom designs on items like shirts.

The question of whether or not you can wash shirts with Cricut vinyl has come up often. The answer is yes, you can definitely wash shirts with Cricut vinyl on them! However, there are some precautions to take in order to ensure the vinyl stays intact and doesn’t fade or peel off.

Washing Instructions for Shirts With Cricut Vinyl:

  • Turn the shirt inside out before washing.
  • Wash the shirt in cold water only.
  • Use a mild detergent and do not use any fabric softener.
  • Do not put the shirt in the dryer – air dry only.

Tips for Long-Lasting Vinyl:

  • Always use high-quality adhesive vinyl when making your design.

  • Make sure to press down firmly when applying the vinyl onto your fabric so that it sticks well.

  • When washing, use a delicate cycle or hand wash if possible.

Cricut vinyl is an excellent material to use when making custom designs on shirts and other items. With proper care and maintenance, your design will last for years!


Can You Wash Shirts With Cricut Vinyl? The answer is yes!

Just be sure to follow all of the instructions listed above for best results. Proper care should be taken when washing any item with Cricut vinyl on it so that your design lasts for years.