Can You Use Cricut Everyday Iron on on Clothes?

Cricut Everyday Iron-on is a type of heat transfer vinyl, or HTV, that you can use to customize and personalize clothing, bags, and more. The product is ideal for those who want to create custom designs with their Cricut cutting machine. It’s made with a special adhesive backing that holds the design firmly in place on fabric, even after repeated washing.

Can You Use Cricut Everyday Iron on on Clothes?

Yes, you can absolutely use Cricut Everyday Iron-on on clothes! It has an adhesive backing that keeps it firmly in place even after multiple washes. Simply choose the design you want to use with your Cricut cutting machine and cut out the piece of iron-on. Then, peel off the paper backing and apply it to your fabric item. Finally, set your iron to the correct temperature and press firmly for around 15 seconds – and voila!

You have a personalized clothing item that will keep its design even after several washes.

The great thing about using Cricut Everyday Iron-on is that it can be applied to almost any type of clothing material from cotton to synthetic fabrics. Plus, it comes in a variety of colors so you can really let your creativity shine through when creating custom designs for t-shirts or jackets.

How To Care For Your Clothing With Cricut Everyday Iron-On

Caring for items with Cricut Everyday Iron-on is just as easy as applying it! For best results, always turn the garment inside out before washing and drying it in order to preserve the design as long as possible. Also be sure to use cold water when washing and avoid using fabric softener or bleach which could damage the adhesive backing of the iron-on.

By following these simple guidelines your clothing items will remain vibrant in color and crisp in design for many years!

In conclusion, Cricut Everyday Iron-on is an ideal product for those looking to add custom designs to their clothing items in a simple and durable way. With its adhesive backing and ability to withstand multiple washings its sure to last long enough for you to enjoy wearing your personalized creations!