Can You Use a Cricut Without a Subscription?

Using a Cricut machine without a subscription is possible, but it is limiting in what you can do. The Cricut Design Space software is free, but it only allows a limited number of projects to be designed and created.

The software also requires you to purchase images and fonts from the Cricut store if you want to use them in your projects. Without a subscription, you are limited to using the basic shapes and designs that come with the software.

If you want more options for creating projects with your Cricut, you will need to purchase either an Access or Maker subscription. With an Access subscription, you can access thousands of images and fonts from the Cricut library at no extra cost.

You can also use your own photos and artwork for some projects. With a Maker subscription, not only do you get access to all of the images and fonts from the Access subscription, but you also get access to exclusive Maker projects and materials that can’t be found anywhere else.

The decision whether or not to purchase a subscription depends on how often you plan on using your Cricut machine. If you are just starting out and don’t plan on using it very often, then it may be more economical to just use the free version of Design Space with its limited options. However, if you are an experienced crafter who plans on using their Cricut regularly, then purchasing either an Access or Maker subscription will be well worth it in terms of the increased options available for creating projects with your machine.


In conclusion, while it is possible to use a Cricut without a subscription, it is quite limiting in terms of what type of projects can be created with the machine due to its lack of available images and fonts. For anyone wanting more options for designing projects with their Cricut machine, purchasing either an Access or Maker subscription will provide them with access to thousands of additional images and fonts as well as exclusive Maker project materials that cannot be found anywhere else.