Can You Still Buy Cartridges for Cricut Expression?

The Cricut Expression is an electronic cutting machine that has been designed to make creating and cutting out vinyl, fabric, paper and other materials quick and easy. The Cricut Expression is a great tool for those who like to craft, scrapbook or make decorations. It comes with a range of cartridges that give users access to different fonts, shapes, and designs.

However, in recent years Cricut has stopped producing cartridges for the Expression. This means that users of the product are no longer able to purchase new cartridges from them. This can be a bit of a setback for those who rely on their machine for crafting projects.

Luckily, there are still plenty of ways for Cricut Expression users to get new cartridges for their machine. There are several third-party companies that make compatible cartridges for the Cricut Expression. These companies offer a wide range of designs and themes, as well as different types of materials such as fabric, vinyl and paper.

Another option is to look online at auction sites such as eBay. Here you can find many different types of cartridges that are compatible with the Cricut Expression. You may even be able to find some good deals on used cartridges if you’re willing to take the time to search around.

Finally, there are also many websites dedicated to providing free designs for use with the Cricut Expression. These websites provide access to thousands of free SVG files which can be used with your machine. So even if you aren’t able to purchase any more cartridges from Cricut or third-party companies you can still find plenty of free designs online.


In conclusion, while it is true that Cricut no longer produces any new cartridges for the Expression machine, there are still plenty of ways to obtain new cartridges or designs compatible with your machine. Third-party companies offer a wide range of options while eBay can provide some good deals on used cartridges and online SVG files provide access to thousands of free designs. So while it may be harder than before it is certainly still possible to find compatible material for your Cricut Expression machine!