Can You Restart Design Home?

Design Home is a popular game that allows players to design and decorate virtual homes. The game has become increasingly popular since its launch in 2016, and it has been downloaded more than 35 million times.

Players can choose from a variety of furniture, artwork, and other decorative items to create the perfect home. However, there are times when players may want to restart the game or start over with a new look.

Fortunately, Design Home does offer an option to restart the game. Players can select the “Restart” option in the settings menu in order to reset their progress and begin again with a fresh start.

This is especially useful if players have made mistakes or are looking for a different style for their home. Players can also use this feature to experiment with different designs without fear of losing any progress they have already made in the game.

When restarting Design Home, all of the current furniture and decorations will be removed from the home and all of the currency that was used to purchase items will be refunded. Players will then start from level 1 with a blank canvas, allowing them to create an entirely new look for their virtual home. They can also purchase new items using diamonds or coins that they earned from completing tasks within the game, or they can buy new items using real money.

In addition to being able to restart Design Home, players also have access to various customization options when designing their homes. They can change up the color scheme of their walls, floors, and furniture; pick out different types of furniture; add artwork; and more! There are also special events throughout the year where players can earn exclusive seasonal items by participating in challenges or completing tasks in-game.

Overall, Design Home offers plenty of options for players who want to design and decorate their own virtual home while having fun doing it! Restarting Design Home is just one way that players can get creative with their designs while still having access to all of the features available within the game.


Can You Restart Design Home?

Yes! Players who want a fresh start or want to experiment with different designs without losing any progress they have already made in-game are able to do so by selecting “Restart” from the settings menu in Design Home. In addition to being able to restart the game, there are plenty of customization options available for users who want to create their own unique style for their virtual home.