Can You Replace Lenses in Silhouette Frames?

Can You Replace Lenses in Silhouette Frames?

Replacing lenses in Silhouette frames is a relatively simple task, though it should only be attempted by those who are comfortable with removing and installing lenses. With the right tools and a little patience, you can save yourself a trip to the optometrist and take care of lens replacement yourself.

The first step in replacing lenses in Silhouette frames is to remove the existing lenses. This must be done carefully to avoid damaging them or the frame.

To do this, use a thin flathead screwdriver and gently pry the lens out of its groove. Once the lens is free, carefully remove it from the frame.

Once you have removed the old lenses, you are ready to install new ones. Begin by ensuring that the new lenses are of the correct size and shape for your frame. You can check this by placing them in the frame and making sure they fit snugly without any gaps between them and the frame.

When you have confirmed that they fit properly, use some lens cleaner to give your new lenses a quick clean before inserting them into your frames. This will help ensure that they stay clean longer once installed. Once your new lenses are clean and ready to go, place them carefully into their grooves and press firmly until they are secure in place.

When all of your new lenses are installed securely into their grooves, you’re all set! With just a few minor steps you have successfully replaced your own Silhouette frames’ lenses with no need for an optometrist visit!


In conclusion, replacing lenses in Silhouette frames is easily achievable with minimal tools required and without needing to visit an optometrist or optician if one feels comfortable doing so themselves. With careful handling of both old and new lenses as well as ensuring that they fit properly before installing them into frames, anyone can replace their own Silhouette frames’ lenses with ease!